Where To Find Rally Cars For Sale in 2024

Gotten that itch? Watched the WRC highlight videos? Seen Ken Block going sideways over a jump and want to do it too? Great! Now where to start? Need to find a car of course!

In the United States, it’s a challenge to find rally cars for sale because it is a fairly limited market. Unfortunately it is very hard to import rally cars from Europe and overseas due to the NHTSA 25 year rule. It is possible if you are willing to export a car out of the country once a year, among other complex problems. This leaves you with a few options. So we have laid out the best places to find your next rally car and we will work to try and keep this list updated.

The first place to start is on Facebook. There is a large private rally cars for sale group called North American Rally (FS/FT/WTB) that is currently one of the better places to find recent cars for sale in 2024.

SpecialStage.com used to be the hotbed of rally discussions within the United States when talking about Rally America (RIP), NASA Rallysport, SCCA Rally (RIP), and the American Rally Association, however like a lot of forums, things died down as Facebook grew in popularity. Occasionally you may see a car posted for sale, although unfortunately it has become quite rare.

Another “long forgotten” site that used to be very popular 10-15 years ago is RallyAnarchy.com, unfortunately it seems that the for sale section of the forum is just topics from 4-5 years ago being bumped endlessly with “is this still for sale?” (hint: it’s been 4 years, it’s not), and not actually active. But worth mentioning just in case.

That very short list is what is active for North America specific rally car classifieds. There is no shortage of international sites which may help in finding a deal, parts, or just some nice eye candy. Here is the most common rally classified sites for outside the United States: