We are a team of experienced engineers that have over 25 years of rallying and racing experience. While our day-to-day job is developing bike lights for Outbound Lighting we are extremely passionate about rallying and developing parts for it.

While we primarily have always raced AWD Subarus, the GR86 is proving to be the next exciting platform for grassroots rallying in the USA.

Small, lightweight, RWD, and powerful, the GR86 is an incredibly capable platform, that with our parts is even more capable in the mud, gravel, snow and rain that rallying exists in. Our parts are designed with pure function in mind. Improved suspension travel, improved kinematics, improved aero, and improved functionality is always at the top of our list.

What we develop is NOT streetcar stuff, this is pure race car.

Rallying in the Snow and Gravel

100 Acre Wood Rally is always an incredible backdrop and proving ground for fast smooth gravel (and sometimes snow!).