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Sounds SUCKY! :-D

Love the enhanced sound and how it freed up space under my hood. Over-built. The way I like it. Shipped and delivered fast too!


Excellent product, would be nice if it has installation guide

Eric Snyder
Would buy again

One week in, I'm pleased with this mod. I'm not handy, but install was simple, despite there being no instructions. (I watched a video of a Perrin intake install to get the gist). Be patient and fully remove the rivets to take off the angular resonator; next time I remove the bumper, I'll put painters tape by the headlights for protection during reinstall.

I'm having fun figuring out how to modulate the new sound the snorkel offers. Drive like a commuter and it sounds stock. It's louder when you get on it, but not dramatically so. (Id already removed the charcoal filter in the airbox). The most distinct noise, though, doesn't seem to be based on revs, but throttle position. With deep or WOT, you get a deep bass note, resonant enough to vibrate your seat. As the revs climb, the bass fades out, fairly abruptly (around 5k rpm?). I don't mind that, for lack of a better phrase, nonlinearity, but its worth noting. Some may find the bass note boomy, but it doesn't bother me, especially considering I don't have to hear it during my commute if I don't want to.

James Ricketts

Great induction sound. Very lively on full throttle at slower engine speeds. At RPMs north of 6K the engine noise overtakes induction noise. IMO, it's best when you mash the throttle rolling in 2nd gear at 2K. Deep base, pure ecstasy. I also have stock exhaust (not for long) so there currently isn't much competing against the induction noise. Deleting the interior fake engine noise helps to hear the new, and real, induction noise. I'm sure a true ram cool air intake would be louder, although I do not like any solutions currently on the market. I am enjoying how my system looks stock. I paired it with a aFe Magnum FLOW Pro Dry S Air Filter, and I deleted the factory charcoal filter by simply purchasing a factory JDM airbox from RHDJapan OEM Store for $40, part number SU003-09558. You have to take the front bumper off to swap the OEM snorkel. It's easy. The resonator is riveted on, and was soooo annoying to remove. The quality of the Outbound Motorsports air duct is impressive. It comes from an extremely expensive 3D printer, laser fused, no filler. Just holding the product is a trip—impossibly lightweight, unique texture, stiff, premium.