To help you sell your rally car quicker, here is a comprehensive list of the details and photos you should take of your race car. Always keep in mind that the buyer is buying almost sight unseen, so the more details, photos, and videos you can provide, the more likely you can convince someone that your car is right for them.

Being honest about items is CRUCIAL. Even if things aren’t perfect, it is far better to disclose them upfront to have a smooth and honest transaction. These are rally cars, we don’t expect them to be perfect, but buyers do want a good idea of what they are about to get themselves into.

Here is a list of photos and videos you should provide:

Exterior Photos

  • We highly suggest that if you have sponsor names, random stickers or your driver/co-driver name that you remove them. You want the buyer to visualize themselves in THEIR car, not just photos of YOUR car. You don’t need to go as far as removing an entire livery and race stickers, but it can help on a high dollar vehicle. Particularly if it’s one that the new owner won’t be able to use.
  • A clean race car sells MUCH faster than one that just arrived from a rally. Take the time to wash the car, get in the nooks and crannies, wipe down the suspension, etc.
  • Take at least a dozen photos from all angles of the exterior, front, side, corner, back in good light. Cloudy days or under some shade is preferred. Roll the car out onto the driveway and not just tucked up in your garage.
  • Close up shot of the wheels/brakes on each corner (Front left, front right, rear left, rear right).
    • If you can remove the wheels and take photos of the brakes/rotors and suspension on the car, this will be very beneficial.
  • If possible, have the car lifted onto jackstands, sill stands, or on a lift to get photos of the underbody.
    • Good underbody protection is crucial on a rally car, so showing off this is very important to buyers, as well as a general understanding of how rusty/clean the underbody is.

Engine Photos

  • You will want good pictures showing the radiator, the general engine bay, how various vacuum lines were routed, brake lines, etc.
  • Detail photos of the turbo condition, radiator hoses, battery location, etc will help reassure buyers that you have done a good job maintaining this race car.


Interior Photos

  • Photos of the seats, belts, certifications on both the seats and belts
    • Be clear if the belts are going to need to be replaced soon (within a year), this can be a costly expense.
  • The interior is your chance to shine. Literally. Take the effort to clean up the interior with a quick wipe down of simple green and a washcloth.
    • The interior with the roll cage, seats, belts, is what sells the race car, it is what gives someone that feeling of “oh shit, this is like a LEGIT race car” so take the time to tidy things up, clean them up, and present it well.
  • Show how the brake lines are routed, if you have a handbrake.
  • Photos of the center console, or how you did your switches/power.
  • Photos of the doorcards
  • Photos of the spare tire mount, tool box locations, warning triangle mounting, etc.
  • Detail photos of the roll cage mounting locations and pedalbox
    • We will go through and sort out “bad” photos from good ones, don’t worry. MORE is ALWAYS BETTER.
    • Ideally, we would like to see at minimum 50-80 photos and 2-3 videos


  • We HIGHLY suggest you take a quick walkaround video to show how the car starts, 360-degree walkaround of the exterior, a quick showcasing of the interior, and letting the buyer get to know how your car sounds when its sitting in their driveway.
  • If possible, take a video driving the car on the streets, or link to some onboard footage you can share.
    • These videos DO NOT need to be long, 2-3 minutes is more than enough. Photos can tell a million words, but videos with good sound can also help sell the “I need this” to a potential buyer.


This all probably sounds like a lot of work, but honestly the work put into this will net you an extra several thousand dollars easily, for what will amount to around an hour or two worth of work prepping the car. Put yourself in the buyers shoes, and how you would get yourself excited, and feel comfortable enough to spend a significant amount of money on a car you can’t exactly check out in person easily.