Open Class 2WD

Designed to jump straight into the exhilarating world of 2WD rallying. 250hp, short ratio 6-speed sequential, long travel Reiger dampers tuned for high speed gravel, and AP Racing brakes to slow things down. This package is ready to win at the top level right out of the box.

The car is currently in development, with first competition and deliveries expected late 2024.

Reiger Gravel Dampers

10" of travel front and rear, with HDP and RCV options for incredible dampening and turn-in.

AP Racing 4-pot Gravel Calipers

The same brakes used on the Subaru N14 Group N car. 4-pot Gravel calipers with floating discs front and rear.

Motec M142 ECU

Plug and play Motec M142 ECU kit designed for rallying in mind.

ECU Master 5" Driver Display

All the information you need presented efficiently and cleanly.

Drenth 6-speed Sequential

The same short-ratio transmission used on the GT86 CS-R3 rally car developed by Toyota TMG.

Full Pillowball Suspension

Beefed up OEM suspension arms with Cusco spherical bearings provide incredible direct-feedback and response.


MSRP: $115,000 USD

VIN: JF1ZNBB14P9754704
Miles: 662
Logbook: ARA
Cage Certification: Custom Cages FIA certified cage